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Damaged, Incorrect, or Missing ItemsUpdated a year ago

What can I do if my order was damaged upon arrival?

We do our best to ensure that all of our packaging is neatly and properly secured at the highest possible standards. However, there are instances where items may be damaged in transit. If you receive a damaged item, please contact us with a photo of the issue. We will work with you to find a fitting solution as quickly as possible. Please note that we are unable to proceed without confirmation of your order number and cannot provide a resolution without adequate photo evidence.

If your membership order arrives damaged, please also follow the steps listed above. We label membership packages with requests to handle with care and not to bend so that they may arrive to you undamaged. However, membership packages on occasion may regardless arrive bent or folded over. In the event that it does, please reach out through the prior link so that we might resolve the issue. As with merchandise orders, please provide your order number as well as photos of the issue.

What can I do if an item in my merchandise order was incorrect/missing?

We aim to fulfill every order accurately and thoroughly while still getting them shipped as quickly as possible. We are a small team of humans working hard to fulfill your items, which we prep, pick, and package all by hand. However, we understand that there may be an instance where you receive an incorrect item or where an item is missing from your order. If this happens, please contact us regarding the issue. Please include your order number, the name of the item you had ordered, and in the case of an incorrect item a photo of the item you received instead. We will work to get you the item you ordered, and if applicable will provide a return label to send the incorrect item back to us.

There was an issue with my membership order, what can I do?

We understand the importance that the membership card & certificate have to our supporters and will try to do what we can to remedy any error or issue that might arise. Each item is personalized for you by our print team, and we aim for accuracy, quality, and precision with every order. If there is a mistake on your membership card or certificate, please contact us. In your email please include your order number, the correct information that was supposed to be on the items, and photos of the items you received. We will review it on a case-by-case basis and cannot guarantee one result or the other.

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