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Order Confirmation IssuesUpdated a year ago

I placed an order, but didn't receive an order confirmation email.

Before contacting us please check your Spam/Junk, Promotions, and Social folders in your email as well as your bank statement to see if you were charged. If you do not see a confirmation email or charge from us, then your order was not processed and you will need to submit it again.

I placed my order and haven't received any updates. How can I check the status?

We will send an order confirmation once your order is placed, an alert when your order ships, and when it is delivered. If it has been longer than expected, please check the current processing times on the Shop All page and sign up for our weekly Shop Newsletter (sign up at the bottom right of our homepage).

If the delays are significant, we will email you as soon as possible with an updated timeline. At that time you will be give the option to cancel your order if you choose not to wait. 

We truly appreciate your kindness and patience. The influx of orders we receive can be unpredictable based on current events. Thank you in advance!

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